The fifth edition of HEC Montreal Centre for Productivity and Prosperity’s 2013 Overview paints a detailed picture of Quebec’s economic performance. In this new edition, you will find an in-depth examination of trends in public spending in Quebec. And since a welfare state must necessarily rely on taxation, this year’s edition of the Overview also contains a detailed analysis of the extent of the tax burden in Quebec and the economic impact of the tax tools used by the government. To complete this portrait of spending, the third section of the report presents a comparative analysis of investment, another essential aspect of the economy. Lastly, the study addresses a question close to many Quebeckers’ hearts: Can Quebec be both prosperous and egalitarian?

Centre for Productivity and Prosperity, Productivity and Prosperity in Quebec – 2013 Overview, HEC Montréal, January 2014.



This accompanying publication serves as a methodological reference for the Productivity and Prosperity in Quebec 2013 Overview report. The technical information it provides is designed to give the reader a more in-depth understanding of the concepts, calculations and data used in producing the annual overview of productivity in Quebec. It is divided into four sections, each one with a detailed analysis, in chronological form, of the methodology used in creating the graphs and tables.

Deslauriers, J., Gagné, R., Paré, J., Methodology – Productivity and Prosperity in Quebec – 2013 Overview, Centre for Productivity and Prosperity, HEC Montréal, January 2014. (Available in French only)