Message from the Director

In 2009, the Centre for Productivity and Prosperity ― Walter J. Somers Foundation (CPP) published the first edition of Productivity and Prosperity in Quebec – Overview, intended to promote understanding of productivity and its effects on Quebec’s economic prosperity. The context at the time was troubling for Quebecers: Particularly sluggish growth in Que-bec’s labour productivity between 1981 and 2008 led the province to record one of the lowest increases in standards of living among the top 20 OECD countries.

After nearly 15 editions of Productivity and Prosperity in Quebec – Overview and over 100 studies on the subject, it is clear that the structural problem that limits economic prosperity in Quebec is still very much a part of the province’s economic landscape. Thus, persistent issues with productivity imply that Quebec is still struggling to generate wealth. The political discourse has certainly evolved in the right direction, and successive governments have res-olutely sought to reverse the situation, but the problem remains unresolved. In this context, the CPP’s research activities are central to the debate surrounding the topic of prosperity.

Through joint funding from the Quebec Ministère des Finances and the Walter J. Somers Foundation, the CPP is honouring its commitment to helping Quebec to put the engine of productivity into motion.

The Centre’s work is presented on this website in four sections, reflecting key areas of interest: productivity and prosperity in Quebec, public policy corporate behaviour and human capital. As you explore our site, you will discover the scope of the Centre’s work. The content is designed to be acces-sible to all readers who wish to better understand the productivity issues the province fac-es.

Robert Gagné
CPP Director and Professor, Department of Applied Economics

A twofold mission: Conducting research and transferring knowledge

The Centre for Productivity and Prosperity (CPP) at HEC Montréal was created in 2009 under the direction of Robert Gagné, professor at HEC Montréal.

Since its inception, the CPP has had a two-fold mission:

  • Conduct research on the determinants of corporate productivity performance and their impact on Québec’s economic prosperity.
  • Foster economic education through the popularization of concepts and the dis-semination of knowledge to decision makers, educators and the general public.

The CPP’s research activities reflect the three major influences on economic prosperity:

  • Individuals, who contribute to the prosperity of the province both as economic agents and as taxpayers who fund the State.
  • Businesses, which are pivotal to the province’s economic activity through their in-vestment decisions in physical and human capital and in research and development.
  • Governments, which are increasingly important vectors of influence on economic activity in Québec.


Robert Gagné


Jonathan Deslauriers

Executive director

Jonathan Paré

Research professional

Anne-Gabrielle Gendron

Research professional

Advisory Committee

Robert Gagné

Director, Centre for Productivity and Prosperity
Professor, Department of Applied Economics
HEC Montréal

Julien Delisle

Direction principale du développement économique
Ministère des Finances

Francis Hébert

Direction de l’analyse et de la prévision économiques québécoises et canadiennes
Ministère des Finances

Pierre Somers

Chairman & CEO
Walter Group

Caroline Aubé

Director, Research and knowledge transfer
Professor, Department of Management
HEC Montréal

Jacques Roy

Department of Operations and Logistics Management
HEC Montréal

Isabelle Somers

President & COO
Walter Group

François Beaudoin

Walter Financial