The Centre for Productivity and Prosperity launched the third edition of its annual overview of labour productivity and standard of living trends in Quebec, today. “After three years of monitoring and analyzing productivity and prosperity in Quebec, one thing is clear: if Quebec’s standard of living lags behind that of the main industrialized economies, it is essentially because labour productivity here is not rising quickly enough,” says Robert Gagné, the Centre’s Director. “In fact, the observed gaps have been widening, not shrinking, over the past 30 years. This finding applies to Canada as a whole.”

The 2011 Overview paints a detailed portrait of Quebec’s economic performance and compares it with that of some 20 industrialized countries, including Canada and the United States, and with Ontario and other Canadian provinces.

Centre for Productivity and Prosperity. Productivity and Prosperity in Québec – 2011 Overview, HEC Montréal, October 2011.


This accompanying publication serves as a methodological reference for the Productivity and prosperity in Québec 2011 Overview report. The technical information it provides is designed to give the reader a more in-depth understanding of the concepts, calculations and data used in producing the annual overview of productivity in Québec. It is divided into four sections, each one with a detailed analysis, in chronological form, of the methodology used in creating the graphs and tables.


Deslauriers, J., R. Gagné. Methodology – Productivity and prosperity in Québec 2011 Overview, Centre for Productivity and Prosperity, HEC Montréal, October 2011. (Available in French only)