This report provides a summary of the use of best supply chain management practices in Quebec. The results are based on a survey of manufacturing companies, wholesalers and retailers with 30 employees or more.  We have asked for the extent of use of the following supply chain management practices: internal and external integration, customer relationship, performance improvement, delivery and distribution, green supply chain and risk management. We have also asked respondents to indicate the level of investment in information technologies and outsourcing of logistics activities. A total of 173 managers responsible for supply chain activities in their company have completed the survey.  The results indicate that the level of use of supply chain management best practices by Quebec companies is moderate and similar to the level found in other comparable regions in the world. Our findings show that there is a link between the use of supply chain management best practices and superior supply chain and company performance. We also find that the one category of supply chain practices that is underutilized in Quebec, namely information technologies, is also the one that has the strongest link with performance. In conclusion, we believe that a more extensive use of supply chain management best practices should be promoted in Quebec, in particular when it comes to information technologies, risk management and green supply chain practices.


Rebolledo, Claudia and Jacques Roy, Bilan des pratiques logistiques des entreprises québécoises, Centre for Productivity and Prosperity, HEC Montréal, May 2014. (Available in French only)