Human Capital

Estimation of the contribution of labour reallocation to productivity growth in Canada

September 6, 2013|

In this report, we estimate the contribution of labour reallocation to productivity growth in the Canadian manufacturing sector. We find that most of productivity growth comes from within firm improvements, leaving a limited role […]

Firm-sponsored training and innovation performance

February 12, 2013|

One possible explanation for Canada’s recent lackluster productivity growth is its feeble innovation performance. Since the stock of human capital is an important determinant of innovation, it is reasonable to think that increases in […]

Labour Market Reallocation and Productivity in Canada, in Quebec and in Ontario

February 22, 2011|

There is a strong relationship between the functioning of the labour market and the performance of an economy. This is best illustrated by the following decomposition. All changes in average productivity (measured, for example, […]

How does Labour Reallocation Contribute to Productivity Growth?

September 14, 2009|

This publication reviews the literature on the impact of labour force reallocation on productivity. In addition to explaining how labour force reallocation can improve productivity, the report discusses the problems involved in measuring this […]

Levels and Returns on Investment of Firm-Sponsored Training

September 13, 2009|

The first part of this literature review consists of summarizing the findings regarding firm-sponsored training levels in Quebec and assess its effectiveness by comparing it with training efforts elsewhere in Canada and in other […]