Corporate Behaviour

Lack of education among heads of SMEs harming productivity in Quebec

March 31, 2021|

Although the productivity issue inhibiting Quebec’s economic growth was diagnosed more than 20 years ago, it does not seem to be disappearing. Yet the source of the problem has been clearly identified: Quebec firms […]

Industry 4.0 : a mandatory transition to increase the competitiveness of companies

November 24, 2020|

Despite the billions of dollars the Quebec government has injected in the past ten years to accelerate the transition to numeric, Quebec manufacturers still have not taken the 4.0 turn. This observation is all […]

The performance of Québec aerospace firms in global supply chain management

October 19, 2018|

In 2016, Québec’s aerospace sector generated sales of $ 14.4 billion and employed about 39,130 people, which represents approximately 50% of aerospace activities in Canada. It is a sector that is highly integrated to […]

Transport management in Quebec healthcare sector

July 14, 2014|

A growing number of establishments in the health and social services network are now acknowledging the potential benefits related to healthcare logistics. However, healthcare logistics is composed of several elements and many establishments tend […]

Overview of the supply chain managament by Quebec companies

May 30, 2014|

This report provides a summary of the use of best supply chain management practices in Quebec. The results are based on a survey of manufacturing companies, wholesalers and retailers with 30 employees or more. […]

Performance Analysis of Central Warehouses Activities in Quebec Health Care Institutions

August 1, 2013|

Quebec’s health and social services network is currently working to optimize administrative procedures so as to meet ministry objectives. Supply and logistics management is among the activities targeted by these efforts. Based on a […]

Outsourcing computer services

March 13, 2013|

In today’s environment, companies can no longer avoid the question of where to locate their operations. Offshoring is a factor in all our fields of activity. It is important to understand why operations could […]

Results-based Management and Performance of Agencies in the Province of Quebec

April 12, 2012|

In this study, we analyze the long-run performance of a group of decentralized agencies that were created in the province of Quebec. We collect all the data that can be related to performance in […]

Efficient Logistical Activities in Healthcare Sector

March 13, 2012|

The healthcare sector is hungry for resources and both public and private sector decision makers are striving for cost reductions without affecting the quality and accessibility of services. This quest for efficiency gains is […]

Logistic Practices by Quebec-based Companies

March 2, 2012|

Previous studies have shown that companies having adopted good logistical practices also display superior organizational performance. Yet, there are very few recent empirical studies reporting on the use of such good logistical practices by […]