Covid-19 : while Quebec redoubles its efforts, Ottawa keeps spending …

December 15, 2020|

“At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic confronts Quebec with the most serious economic crisis in its contemporary history, its inability to improve its productivity and hence to generate wealth is a cause for […]

Industry 4.0 : a mandatory transition to increase the competitiveness of companies

November 24, 2020|

Despite the billions of dollars the Quebec government has injected in the past ten years to accelerate the transition to numeric, Quebec manufacturers still have not taken the 4.0 turn. This observation is all […]

Compensation of municipal employees in Quebec: Analysis

October 5, 2020|

Montréal, October 5, 2020 – The study released today by the Centre for Productivity and Prosperity – Walter J. Somers Foundation (CPP) is intended mainly to take a closer look at employee compensation and […]

Taxing the rich more heavily : a tempting way to pay for COVID-19 deficits, but unfortunately ineffective

August 27, 2020|

Now that the pandemic has pushed public spending to record levels, governments will undoubtedly be looking for more revenue to pay down some of their deficits. The temptation to ask the wealthiest taxpayers to […]

2020–2021 Quebec budget : a surplus, yes, but serious equity issues

March 5, 2020|

A few days before the 2020–2021 budget is tabled, expectations of the Quebec government are high. After posting the largest budget surplus in its history last year, and on its way to reaching its […]

After stagnating for some 30 years, productivity at the SAQ finally increases !

January 29, 2020|

Not only has the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) improved its productivity since 2016, but the gains it has made have allowed it to maintain the real value of the dividend it pays […]

Federal budgetary strategy : Future generations may pay the price

January 15, 2020|

While the federal government’s wager has paid off so far, as it accumulates budgetary deficits to stimulate growth in the Canadian economy, it would be risky to pursue this strategy in the coming years. […]

Quebec needs to rethink its strategy if it is to make shift to industry 4.0

September 10, 2019|

Despite the billions that the Quebec government has invested over the past ten years in accelerating the transition to digital technology, manufacturers still haven’t made the shift to Industry 4.0. That is the main conclusion […]

Productivity in Quebec : as worrisome as ever

March 18, 2019|

To mark a decade of research into the issue of productivity in Quebec, the Centre for Productivity and Prosperity – Walter J. Somers Foundation (CPP) is pleased to release the tenth edition of Productivity […]

Privatizing canadian airports: a bad idea?

February 21, 2019|

Montréal, February 21, 2019 – The Trudeau government has been considering privatizing the eight largest airports in the national network since a report was tabled on the future of transportation in Canada, but the idea […]