The Centre for Productivity and Prosperity: Conducting research and transferring knowledge

The HEC Montréal Centre for Productivity and Prosperity, created in 2009, has a twofold mission. First of all, it is devoted to research on productivity and prosperity, mainly in Quebec and in Canada as a whole. It is a known fact that the Quebec and Canadian economies have long suffered from lagging productivity in comparison with most economies at a comparable level of economic development, in particular the United States and many European countries. If other factors do not compensate for this productivity gap, it can lead to lower prosperity.

The Centre also intends to transfer knowledge, make it widely accessible and, in the end, educate people about productivity and prosperity. For us, it is not only important to produce research findings that deepen our understanding of the phenomenon of productivity and its impact on a society’s prosperity, but also essential to share this knowledge with the broadest possible audience.

A society’s performance in terms of productivity and prosperity is a result of the actions of three types of players. Individuals, through their decisions to invest in their human capital, i.e. education and training. Businesses, through their various decisions to invest in physical capital (equipment, machinery, tools, etc.), human capital (in-house training) and research and development leading to innovations. And, finally, governments, through the legislative, regulatory and taxation systems for which they are responsible.

The work done at the Centre is presented here in three sections, reflecting this breakdown of responsibilities: Human Capital, Corporate Behaviour and Public Policy. As you explore our site you will see the scope of the Centre’s work and can read about upcoming activities. You will also find various documents written in broadly accessible language, which I encourage you to consult if you are interested in learning more about productivity and prosperity, especially in Quebec and in Canada as a whole. Lastly, the Centre offers educational tools for teachers and professors at the secondary, college and university levels.

I hope you find our site interesting and informative. Come back and see us often!

Robert Gagné, Director