To mark the eighth edition of Productivity and Prosperity in Quebec – Overview, the Centre for Productivity and Prosperity – Walter J. Somers Foundation has changed the publication’s format to refocus its analysis on its primary mission: monitoring the province’s economic performance.

This new and more accessible format addresses the same themes fundamental to Quebec’s economic performance, but offers a brief snapshot of the situation. Readers can assess the province’s performance at a glance by examining a series of economic indicators: standard of living, labour productivity, economic growth,work intensity, employment rate, etc.

At a time when Quebec’s economic health remains precarious, this new format will make it easier for readers to analyze indicators over time and from one edition of the Overview to the next. Recurring themes in the portrait of the province’s economic situation will be profiled every year, to give readers an ongoing update of indicators illustrating Quebeckers’ wealth and incomes.

To read more: Deslauriers, Jonathan, Robert Gagné and Jonathan Paré, Productivity and prosperity in Quebec – 2016 Overview, Centre for Productivity and Prosperity (CPP) – Walter J. Somers Foundation, HEC Montréal, July 2017.