Montréal, October 3, 2016 – Ten years after the municipal demergers, what conclusions can be drawn regarding this reform imposed by the Quebec government? Has the creation of agglomerations benefited the reconstituted cities, or not? Have some of them done better than others? To answer these questions, the HEC Montréal Centre for Productivity and Prosperity is today releasing a detailed report on the municipal demergers, ten years later. “While it was not a strictly metropolitan phenomenon, the demergers mainly affected the major urban centres. That’s why we focused our study on the reconstituted municipalities in the Montréal, Quebecand Longueuil agglomerations,” says CPP Director Robert Gagné. “We wanted to both measure the impact of the merger-demerger process on their spending and better understand the repercussions in terms of the governance model followed since the demergers in 2006.”

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