Public Policy

2017 Municipal elections : A tool for comparing municipal spending

October 24, 2017|

At a time when Quebeckers are preparing to vote in municipal elections on November 5, the Centre for Productivity and Prosperity – Walter J. Somers Foundation (CPP) today released a study profiling the outgoing […]

Payroll tax: An additional burden for Quebec workers

September 20, 2017|

Every year, the Quebec government collects large amounts of revenue from businesses through their contributions to the Health Services Fund (HSF). Better known as payroll tax, this fiscal tool is often seen as an […]

Innovation : Solutions to adress Quebec’s lagging performance

March 20, 2017|

As the Quebec government prepares to launch a new strategy to stimulate innovation, the HEC Montréal Centre for Productivity and Prosperity – Walter J. Somers Foundation (CPP) has released a study criticizing the ineffectiveness of the […]

Productivity in the Quebec Public Sector – the SAQ

November 14, 2016|

While the actual net profit of the Société des alcools du Québec is now 1.7 times higher than in 1989, productivity at the state-owned corporation has stagnated over the entire period. In other words, […]

The municipal demergers, ten years later : Statement of facts

October 3, 2016|

Ten years after the municipal demergers, what conclusions can be drawn regarding this reform imposed by the Quebec government? Has the creation of agglomerations benefited the reconstituted cities, or not? Have some of them […]

Tax burden: Boosting business taxes would penalize workers

October 14, 2015|

Increasing the tax burden on Quebec firms would not only penalize workers, but it is those who can least afford it who would pay the price, reveals a recent analysis by the HEC Montréal […]

2014 Quebec Municipalities Rankings

October 21, 2014|

At a time when municipal employees are stepping up their pressure tactics against Bill 3 on pension plans, the HEC Montréal Centre for Productivity and Prosperity (CPP) has just released its annual Quebec Municipalities […]

Productivity in Quebec : a regional perspective

September 24, 2014|

Well documented, stunting growth in labor productivity observed in Quebec has been little studied from a regional perspective. Yet it is a fundamental aspect of the problem since the efforts to address the performance […]

Support for the manufacturing sector – far-reaching reforms required

May 20, 2014|

As is the case in many Western countries, the manufacturing sector in Quebec is suffering. Since the early 2000s, close to one in five manufacturing jobs has disappeared, and manufacturing output has fallen considerably.
Although […]

The cost of living in Quebec

April 30, 2014|

It is often said that prices are lower in Quebec than in several other Canadian provinces, which implies that a dollar goes further in Quebec than elsewhere in Canada.
But is living in Quebec really […]